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Information & Procedures

Information and Procedures for Persons Interested In Donating their Bodies
for the Advancement of
Medical Education and Research


A Lasting Gift to Medical Science and Teaching

The Department of Medical Neuroscience within the Faculty of Medicine of Dalhousie University maintains a human body donation program. The main use of the donated human remains is in the teaching of normal human anatomy to Medical, Dental, Health Professional and Life Sciences students. In addition, the donated human remains may also be used for research purposes, including but not limited to research on the anatomy and function of bones, muscles, the nervous system and other tissues. (Please see section below on Teaching and Research Procedures). The Department of Medical Neuroscience provides the necessary instruction to enable students to gain the requisite knowledge of human anatomy. The use of donated human remains is an essential part of our curriculum.

It is important to note that the Department of Medical Neuroscience is a teaching institution and is not at all involved in determining cause of death or in investigating any issues related to the pathology associated with any of the individuals whose bodies are donated to the Department.

1. Teaching and Research Procedures

2. How To Arrange The Donation of Your Body

3. Steps To Be Completed At The Time Of The Donor's Death

4. Donation Refusal

5. Final Disposition of Donated Remains

6. University Memorial and Interment Services

7. Donations of Tissues and Organs For Transplant Purposes

8. Reminder to Donors and their Families



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